Baby Feet Contest

On behalf of Debora, I have volunteered to create the “Re-Do” contest. Some things were not clear, so several people felt a re-do was called for. So, would people please re-submit photos to me via email. This gives those who missed the deadline a chance.

One photo only
Photo needs to have a view of the bottom and a view of the top of the feet (if possible)
Please do not have any wording that might give away the artist or the name of your nursery

Please try to have all pictures by Saturday 6:00 p.m. central time. I will try to get it up and going in the evening when I get home from work.

my email:

Thanks for helping Debora out…

How to get the top and bottom at the same time?? Does it have to be a realistic pose?

Thanks Kim for picking this up, you’re super!

And just a question: Do we use the same photos that were submitted previously? Mine showed both top & bottom in the same photo, but since they wre already seen, can we or are we taking new photos since it is a fresh contest?

Angela, you can get a realistic pose of both top and bottom at the same time… Ginny, since the original photos weren’t identified, I don’t see any need to submit a different photo, but I do think Kim would like for everyone to revs it photos to her before 6:00pm TODAY…

I agree with Pia. You can send the same photo if you want.

Pia, I’m glad to ne able to help out any time.

Thank you so much. I am some better. I worked a very rough 24 hour shift Friday. I had a craft show I had committed to months ago. I decided to go when I got off from work Saturday. The local TV station was there today and took close ups of all our crafts. They showed my babies on the news tonight and even mentioned them on the preview teaser. The TV reporter took my card and said she is very interested in doing a story on them. I told my husband I thought maybe she needs someone who has been reborning longer. We may never hear from her again but I am so excited my babies were on tv.

That’s great, Debora. You needed something like this to lift you up. I hope they take the next step and really want to learn about reborns.

Ty Kim. I had a lady come up and say, “This makes me mad. I have been looking for one of these for forever and I gave up and ordered one from ebay. She looks awful not like her pictures looked on ebay. Do you think you could make her look as lovely as your babies?”

Wow, that is great that people loved them (especially the one lady!) and tv too! Maybe word is getting out that reborns aren’t scary!

Sorry, ladies. Having lots of trouble with photobucket. I have to find an alternative. It is getting late and I have to get up early, so I will work on it again tomorrow.