Baby fat (silicone Breast enhancer)

Could someone tell me where they get their baby fat (silicone enhancers)? 'm needing large ones for a toddler baby! I don’t have time to look on a hundred different sites. Any help would be appreciated!!!

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Go to BB Home page and scroll all the way to the bottom and click on Body Components. Baby Fat is listed there.

Walmart! Has them also.

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I think she is wanting the complete silcone enhancer, now the bits that are sold as Baby Phatt. If I am wrong, please correct me.

Does anyone know if these are solid or fluid filled? I know I saw Kim using them on Reborn With Me. I am guessing she wouldn’t have been using anything that would have possibly compromising the doll by breaking open, but I just don’t know. Thanks in advance!

they feel solid… sorta like a gel, but its not something that would leak, because it isnt a liquid

Thanks! I was pretty sure that was the case.