Baby fat pellets

I have a question, how are baby fat pellets used and are they good to use?

They’re soft and squishy like real baby fat. I use them in the limbs of my 1/4 limb babies. You can feel the hard plastic poly pellets on these babies. They give a more realistic feel if you put them in the bum. You can put them in the tummy, too. You have to put them in some sort of pouch, though (I use fleece and make a small tube) because the silicone reacts with vinyl and the plastic joints, causing them to deteriorate. I love the feel of them, though.

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Thank you so much for your response. Can they be put inside the knee highs like the glass beads? Or does it need to be something stronger?

They might be okay if you double them.

I’ve used them in the tummy of one and I have a cuddle baby with the pellets in the limbs and body. It feels very nice and squishy.

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Does anyone know where to buy them in bulk, they can be really expensive just buying buy the pound.

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I’ll give it a try on my next baby

I get them at Japan’s but use a coupon.

I thought I heard that you shouldn’t use the baby fat pellets inside of limbs because it can react with the vinyl. Have you heard of this?

They are pretty pricey, which is why I usually only use them in the limbs unless it’s a small baby. I found one place that sells them but you have to buy 1000 pounds at a time. You’d need a forklift to get them in your house. They’re called thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) pellets.

I only use them in 1/4 limbs so the arms and legs are fabric. I make a fleece tube to put the pellets in and stitch it closed to protect the joints and the vinyl of the hands and feet. They’re great for cuddle babies but I still use the fleece tube.


I have TPE pellets, but they are not squishy like baby fat pellets. I use the TPE pellets to make the tools for my rooting needles. They soften in warm water, but as they cool down they turn back to solid hard plastic. The ones I have wouldn’t work babies body or limbs.