Baby Dimples kits are on the way!

Woo Hoo! I got my notice that my Dimples kit is being shipped out today! I am so excited to be getting this kit! After seeing Debbie’s IDEX photo of her Dimples baby I can’t wait to reborn one!

EDITED to say that I talked to Melissa and the Ltd. Ed is for 500, not 250. The photo was put up before she decided to make it 500.

Dimples is sculpted by Melissa Palesse. This is a Ltd. Ed. kit of 500 but she just got the first shipment of them in yesterday so right now is a great time to buy! They are very reasonably priced at $49.99 + shipping. You can order it from her website: … te_008.htm
Debbie Henshaw of They Never Grow Up Nursery reborned the prototype and it can be seen on the website.
She had her for sale on Ebay and when she didn’t meet reserve she decided she wanted to keep her for her own collection.
Everyone who saw her at IDEX said she is wonderful!

I have 2 kits on the way. One to reborn to keep and one to reborn to sell.

I make my own bodies and will probably be using the same pattern that I normally do for my 22-23" babies. However, Melissa recommends the BB Eden Body #3561.

Congrats! You will love her!