Baby Detergent

I buy most of the clothing for the dolls at goodwill. I always wash them even if they have tags on them just because I love that baby smell. I have bought All baby and Dreft (crazy expensive) also I found Ensueno Baby scented softener. Yesterday, I went to Aldi’s and they had the Tandil brand detergent for BABIES! It smells identical to Dreft. It was $7 for 64 loads. That price can’t be beat. Less than half of dreft. Not sure how it really cleans but I just want it for the smell and freshening up. Thought I share.


I love the smell of baby detergent too. That is a great price. I wish we had Aldi here. The closest is an hour away.

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You should get some baby cologne…once you wash the clothes pour some of the baby cologne on a folded paper towel and dab it all over the outfit the baby will be wearing…that stuff smells so good i sometimes wear a little myself!! i got mine in the infants section of my walmart and also i believe target sells it.


I sometimes wash the clothes with baby bubble bath or baby shampoo. Just to freshen them up.
It smells so good!

I’ve always loved the baby smell, I have always used baby powder and lotion for myself… There was a lady on tv wondering if she was "weird’ cause she used baby products on herself. She also pointed out that they have no additives so it’s better for your skin. I also have Sjogren’s and it’s a tip to use baby wash on the eye area --tear free. I do have the cologne too and i get purex baby scented crystals for the laundry also. I smelled some of the organic soaps and they smell horrible in the bottle.You can also buy dreft spray.