Baby Brown Brows

I have asked this question before but never got a really good answer. I am not very color savvy so I need to get a soft baby brown to use for eyebrows. For the life of me I can not manage a nice brown, I just put eyebrows on my sweetpea asleep and they came out this brownish color but with a yellowy look, and it is ugly. The brows aren’t too bad but the color isn’t nice. Definitely NOT what I’m looking for. They would look ok if I was planning on using blonde hair, maybe I’ll have to!l I’m afraid when I bake they are going to turn that orangy color. NOT WHAT I WANT !!! Please halp with some colors to mix. Someone told me to start with Black-----and add WHAT??? Thank You Ladies.

I have used Burnt Umber with a touch of blue in it to tone down the orange color that it tends to leave. The BB Brow Brown is not bad either. Black won’t turn yellow or orange and you can add the burnt umber to it (along with a bit of blue) to make it what you are after. I always test my paint on my poor little Cooper test head to make sure it is the color and consistancy that I am after!


i like the ethnic brow brown if you thin it out it doesnt come out very dark

Thank You ladies, I will check out all your suggestions and see what I come up with.

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