Baby Brooklyn

Hi everyone! I’m Super new at this! I just bought Brooklyn on Monday and arrived today. I’ve been watching tutorials on how to paint…I don’t even have paints yet! Just a head and limbs :laughing:. Anyway, I’ll be posting pictures of how the work is coming along. Can’t wait to get started!


I didn’t buy her but I got Ana a few days ago. She’s so detailed and will look great when you’re done.

Good luck…cant wait to see her when you finish :slight_smile:

I know!! Crazy little details! The little feet remind me so much of when my kids were newborns

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Thank you Lil, I have high expectations of my ability…not sure if it’s not a good thing or not :grimacing:. I’ll order my paints today

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I just got paints last week after ordering a blank Megan kit months ago. She will be my first try at reborning too :slight_smile:

So exciting! What tutorials do you follow? I’ll be on vacation next week so I’m planning to start the last week in august. I got my mom excited, she wants me to make her one and already told her friends her daughter is an artist and can make dolls :woman_facepalming:t4: No pressure now right? Oh sweet mother.

The realborns are so easy to paint, Im sure you will do just fine…just try not to get too frustrated it takes some of us awhile to be happy with our babies. Im finally sorta happy with my last baby (started a year ago last May) but then again Im too much of a perfectionist for my own good.

Such a beautiful kit :slight_smile: Good luck to both of you - be sure to feel free to ask questions- this is a wonderful groups of ladies who are always so helpful - be prepared to get hooked lol

I have been watching tons on youtube. I really like the series from and think im going to follow her tutorials for my first try.


I too am about to get started on my first baby. I am so excited! I have all the paints and went crazy buying different kinds of brushes. I also bought the starter kit from Bountiful Baby with some extra Genesis paint colors. I have watched several tutorials and really like the ones from Kim at Custom doll baby and the one from Annette from Miracle baby nursery.