Baby bottles from BB

I was placing an order from BB the other day and scrolled through just browsing. Found out that bb sells baby bottles. They are 2 oz and don’t have holes in the nipples. I got two (pink and blue) but they haven’t come in yet. Has anyone else tried them?

Thanks for mentioning
I had no clue
I wish they would announce new items for the forum readers to see
I would have ordered some

I have not seen those but they are cute.

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It would be great if they offered the no hole nipple separately. I like using real bottles

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They are real baby bottles. We had to special-order them to not have the holes in the nipples. Otherwise they would have been exactly for real babies, as real baby bottles.

Bountiful Baby

I just made an order and did no have time to pilfer thru the supply list. I wish there had been a message about having them. I will have to order the next time.

They are adorable but I do not use any bottle with writing or decals on the outside of the bottle as one time I had the bottle laying next to a doll and the ink from the decal transferred to her arm.

I figured that if I’d missed seeing them, then maybe some of you had too. I think they would be great to add with some babies as a special memento. Plus now that I have a granddaughter, I keep thinking about making play bottles too.

Those are really cute. I will have to order some when I place my next order.