Baby bottle dryer


Does anyone have this? Is it stable for drying limbs? ty

I use that one. It works great for newborn and infant sized babies. I’m working on a toddler now though (30 inch Sally Swialkowski) and it doesn’t support her legs. It works fine for the head and arms of the larger baby though. I put the heads on the little center nub on top. I like that it swivels, that is very helpful. I use this one for the legs of the larger babies - the posts are repositional and I can position 2 of the longer ones to support the legs.


It’s work very well and it’s polyvalent.


Thank you both! Are the bottom holders okay for drying limbs on a newborn kit. Is there enough clearance from the top?

Max I have done is 22" baby with bent legs with no problem.

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