Baby Bed from 1800's


My sister bought this baby bed from the 1800’s for my upcoming birthday in a couple weeks. I just love it. I think of it more as a cradle because it rocks. Notice the boards that fit under each rocker to keep it still


Oh my gosh, what a treasure! WOW!!!

What an awesome gift!!

I adore this!! What an awesome sister you have! So great

What a tressure, what stories it could tell! My dad made a similair cradle 39 years ago for my first human baby, now my doll babies sleep in it. :wink:

Wow, amazing!

:heart:️ It! Happy birthday to you

Thank you to everyone. My sister is amazing. She is so supportive of my dollmaking. I finally found the bed on the internet and it is from around 1830. The wood is maple. There is a place in my area that sells mostly antiques on consignment twice a year, one week in the spring and one week in the fall. I have been able to find some great vintage baby items since learning of this place three years ago. If you live close to Florence, Alabama you should try to check it out. Just google Fabulous Finds and you can get notice of the date of the spring sale.