Babies one and two/ three


They’re all three adorable!

These are my first two babies. Actually the boy is number three but I messed up my second baby and after stripping her 6C, I moved on and ordered another duplicate kit. I’m going to redo the head of the 2nd baby. The limbs are complete. I want to add rooted eyelashes and eyebrows to the girl doll but I am going to wait until I practice on the ruined kit. I am in love with this two. I can’t wait to get better.

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I really like the skin tones

Thank you! I have been watching tons of You tube videos but I still can’t get the mottling like I want it or the sole of the feet and fingertips. I just ordered Kare Charles book, when that comes hopefully I will learn some secrets.


Good job, you are doing great !!! So sweet

Thank you!

Awww they are sweet. You’re doing great

Thank you

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Wow they look great!!

Great job!

Beautiful babies!:grinning:

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So sweet! I especially love your Meghan.

This little boy is absolutely adorable! His hair is so sweet!

Good job! They look great!

Thanks Missie. What kind of sealer do you use? Neither of the babies have been sealed. I’m afraid that I will ruin them.

Thanks everyone! Yes, that is the Megan kit. :slight_smile:

They are precious!

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Your baby boy is super cute!

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Thank you. I will try that