Babies head when packing

What do you use to put over your sweet baby’s face while shipping? I was using diapers but i saw some people using plastic.

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I use the clear bubble wrap

I use diapers.

So, I was wondering if plastic rubs paint. I like diapers too but sometimes you get messy hair. Could you use Saran wrap and then bubble or diaper over it?

I swaddle my baby in it’s receiving blanket with enough of the top blanket corner to fold down over the face, if that makes sense. Then tie a ribbon so it all stays swaddled tight. Then bubble wrap over that.


I asked friends and family because I have seen mixed reactions on tube with box openings. The poll revealed most did not like at all a transparent plastic bag over their head. 2 nd most disliked was. Diaper placed over their head. Bubble wrap was acceptable and white tissue paper. So I do a strategic wrapping and tapeing with white tissue paper. Took me a few tries to get a system that looked nice and neat with no tape ever touching my baby and keeps hair as neat as can possibly be expected. I like it because it is sold nearly everywhere, affordable and nobody gets the Heeby geebies from it lol


I buy rectangular boxes that cost more to ship but…

I swaddle the reborn in a soft blanket, fold the corner over their head, tie with a ribbon. Spiral wrap it in bubble wrap from the head to the feet. Tape it down on both ends and in the middle to keep it from shifting. Then I put it inside a large clear gift bag, tie it closed with a ribbon.
Then I wrap the extra clothes etc and stuff it at each end of the box, same with the toy I send.

I use boxes that are 24 inches long, 8 inches high and 10 inches wide.
I get them at Staples normally online for about $40 for 25 boxes

On average they ship for $30-$40 throughout the US from Idaho. So it is more but I feel that it is safer for the reborn.


will tissue paper stick to the baby in any way?

I too swaddle the baby in a blanket with enough to cover the head. I use big boxes too for shipping so I normally place bubble wrap or packing peanuts around the head once in the box.


Is it frowned upon for smaller boxes? I hate when a baby slides around.

This is about the same that I have done on the ones I have shipped interesting the only difference I did not use the gift bag .

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I started doing it after one of my customers said her mail carrier did not get her signature and left the box on her porch in the rain. The Doll was not wet but it could have been. So now I use a bag for extra water protection in case the mail carrier doesnt do their job right.


Same here, I then bubble wrap from head to toe. I hate when I receive a reborn with a diaper on it’s head. I have even bought one baby that the diaper rubbed some paint off of during shipping and I had to return it.


I am glad everyone is telling me this. I have been putting diapers on their head.


Congrats on your sale by the way.

If you want to not mess up the hair Jackie has a packing video on her youtube of what she does. But it seems that it could rub also?


Thank you. I hold my breathe until at least 2 days after for fear of it coming back. I wonder if I should order boxes now.


I have been putting a hat completely over the head and face, and then putting a diaper over that. I might switch to bubble wrap instead of the diaper from reading this post though. I bubble wrap the entire baby. I also put everything in a big, white trash bag so everything inside is water-proof. I personally have found smaller boxes to be sturdier and safer than larger boxes. Its like when you bake a very large reborn head, it’s more likely to cave in due to it’s large size versus a small reborn head. I have personally received large boxes in the mail smashed up, but smaller boxes always arrive to me in great shape. I know some people don’t like curling up the baby to fit a smaller box, but curling them up doesn’t damage them. It’s really just a personal preference. A larger box can arrive undamaged too, as long as it is completely filled up inside with no empty spaces.


I wrap the head in tissue paper nicely folded then I wrap with bubble wrap. The tissue paper doesnt mess the hair up like diapers. If you notice when you order mohair, its usually wrapped in tissue paper, so that is why I use tissue paper as well. I also wrap the whole baby in like at least two swaddles lol. I dont think its neccessary to wrap limbs in tissue and bubble wrap when you are bundling them all up. For me, the tissue paper on the head is more to protect the mohair than the painting. And the bubble wrap is to protect german blown glass eyes I often use.


Last year I read something about the diapers gel leaking on the face. So I put a hat on the head, wrap in bubble wrap, then wrap in a blanket.


I bought some plastic wrap from Puppentraumland that I put around the hair if it is rooted and then I put a diaper and wrap the whole baby in a fluffy blanket with bubble wrap around them in the box. Ive only sold a couple babies but haven’t had any problems with them.

I like the hat idea…think Ill try that.