this little guy!

One of the best reborners out there, in my opinion – LOVE her work! … NA:US:3160

She is very good at this, isn’t she? Sweet little sculpt.

Wow! What a cutie pie. Must resist trying to find that sculpt! My stash is over flowing just now . . .

Fantastic baby! Her hair painting makes me realize how bad mine is!

awwww - I wanna kiss his face ----------------

I’m smitten! I…want…that…baby!!!

— Begin quote from “ta5401”

She does fabulous work. I love her precious gift. If I had the money I would have bought it. I like the fact that she is willing to share tips like her hair painting tips. I have ran into a few that won’t share anything. She is not like that.

— End quote

I agree – her Precious Gift was absolutely STUNNING! I actually printed a picture and have it hanging here on the wall by my computer; looks like a newborn baby, without a doubt. I love her work; what talent!

She is so talented. I have been admiring her work for a long time. She does amazing realism.

She is one of my favorite artists…Her and Sylvia from Sylvia Creations. Linda does beautiful painted hair, Sylvia is hands down best rooted hair ive seen.