Awake kits that can suck thumb?

I am working on a special baby and searching for awake kits that can suck their thumb. Does anyone have any suggestions? Preferably open edition or still available. Thank you!


BB’s LuLu can suck her thumb.


It looks like Elodie can suck her thumb

And I’m pretty sure Toby can as well?

Or jewels if smiling is ok

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Thank you! I totally forgot about LuLu and I have her stashed!

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Thank you so much! This is the most special baby I have ever painted and I want to find the perfect sculpt if possible.

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Wah of course, Toby is so close, but there was only 150 kits made so not likely to find that one.

Glad to help! I’m like 95 percent sure I have Toby in my stash actually… let me go look

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Thank you so much!

I do indeed… :sweat_smile: with everything going on with the kits I guess it’s good my stash is so big lol. But if you want him feel free to PM me. I can send you pics as well if you want to see his mouth or anything. He has his COA and I’m sure I’ve got a body in the body bin for him too

Thank you :blush: I am sending pics to the person I am making this baby for.

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