Avatar baby

Has anyone made a blue Avatar reborn baby? I would love to see them. I was considering trying it.

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Try searching under the spyglass. There are past postings about avatar babies


Ok. Thank you.

I did. They are LOTS of work to build color with Genesis

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This is the 1st one that I straggle with a lot, but it was my 1st reborning year :wink:



Awwwww! I LOVE IT.
I saw some that you could still see under tones of skin color and it still looked good. I donโ€™t think it has to be solid blue to look good.
Yours are awesome though!

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I made and sold 2 of them in 2023.

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I love them all.

Hi, this is my version. He sits on a shelf in my lounge watching us all!


Adorable! I love him.

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Thanks for sharing everyone!

Thank you!

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