Aurora Sky by LLE

I have my tablet on ready! Ready to Pre-order this open eyed little beauty.


Me too, ready to push that button.

Just trying now to decide on how many I can afford.

10 minutes and counting down.

@ $135 each. I’m only getting one :confused:

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I love her eye shape but otherwise I think I can pass on this one. Oh, she’s adorable and all, but I’m waiting on two new realborns and a another soon to be released sculpt and on top of that, I’m not selling, so why buy more? I’m kinda torn though. I keep going back and looking.


I just found a spot in her site where you can enter to get a free one!


5 more minutes!!!

Helen I’m waiting on the Realborns as well. Seems like it takes forever for these to be released.

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Where??? Please share!!!


Page is locked up! Uggggh

That was fun. :smiley: I saw that Laura limited purchase to 5 per customer. :smile:

Got one!!! Added her a minute early :smile:

On her page


Thanks. I’m going there now. It was so hard not to hit that paypal button, but so far, so good!

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I don’t find anything about a free one. Am I blind?

Macpherson’s has her for $5 more than Laura Lee’s website but offers free shipping for US and Canada. Does anyone know how long after the pre-order she will be released?

Do you have Facebook? You can enter by leaving a comment on the contest post :smile: