August contest

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Too hard to decide…


Bump Come on everyone please take a minute to vote

Last opportunity to vote before Debora announces the winner and lists the names of all of the entries… I believe this contest was best “marks” (birthmarks, scratches, moles, freckles, etc.)… Polls will close tomorrow afternoon…

CONGRATULATIONS Ginny Moses for submitting the winning baby!!! Nice job… I hope Debora will come along and tell us who the other babies belonged to this month…

Yes sorry everyone we have all been sick here including the new puppy but 2 trips to the vest and both hubby and went to the dr I think we are all on the road to recovery. Sorry there will be no reward of a certificate thing since no one has stepped up and volunteered and I have no idea how in the world to make them.
Baby 1 was made by sandyssweetheartsbaby
Baby 2 was made by krisit
Baby 3 was made by ginneylee
Baby 4 was made by Pia

Congratulations Ginny… Perhaps if anyone is planning to participate in future contests, they should post a note to let Debora know if she needs to continue hosting them on Bountiful Baby… Doesn’t seem to be alot of interest anymore… JMO…