AUBREY/AVERY AS A BOY - have you done one?

If you have done Aubrey OR Avery as a boy, could you please post a photo - thanks



Okay, newbie question here! I thought the only difference in making a kit girl or boy was the clothes you put on and perhaps the tummy plate? If my assumption is wrong, will someone please explain the difference to me? Thanks.

I made an Avery into a boy, unfortunately I can’t post a picture right now. The stand alone storage device I had all my reborn pics on crashed and I need to find someone to try to get them off for me. I made the Avery for my Aunt as a gift because it resembles my late uncle. She loves him and named him Georgie after my uncle.

I remembered I had done a digital scrapbook page with a picture of him on it. It’s not the best picture of him, but at least you can see him.

I’m holding him in the bottom picture. He’s wearing the red striped outfit.

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well i guess it seems that way about the cloths, but there are suttle differences, like the hair length and style.
and sometimes you just look at a finished baby or one that is in process and you truly see a boy or a girl…but most definatly the clothing does help…

I guess that probably didnt help much…lol

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Okay, the reason why I had asked is because unless I dressed my children in PINK PINK PINK every stranger that OOHed and AAHed over them always asked what HIS name was lol. My girls were very feminine, I thought and when comparing pictures of my grandsons to their mommy’s pictures, they look almost identical. As they got older, yes, the differences came through but not while they were still newborns. I guess the older babies and toddlers would really make a difference, though.

I’ve done Avery as a boy…

Oh - he’s a beautiful boy. Thank you.