Aubrey arms are not perfect, should I keep or email Nevin?

I bought an Aubrey kit that is first quality. The arms each have a little something wrong with them and though they can probably be used just fine it kinda bugs me. To me they look like seconds. The left arm has a speck in it. The right arm has a mark that looks like a crease or scratch in the vinyl only it is very smooth and not raised or uneven at all. In fact, it is hard to photograph. What do you think? Am I being overly picky?

That’s true. I went ahead and emailed Nevin.

My concern is that the speck will get worse once it is heat set. I don’t think I have ever tried reborning a piece with a speck in it.

I have quit using the acne cream because it can turn the spot yellow once it is heat set. I have had that happen to me twice now when using the acne cream so I don’t use it if I am going to use Genesis. This is a speck in the vinyl though and won’t bleach out I am sure.

I tell you another thing I have thought about…if I were to try to sell this kit to someone on this board as a new first quality kit they would swear I was duping them with 2nds arms. Not that I plan on selling the kit, but given the recent issues with folks getting what they thought was seconds on a first quality trade, this has made me more concerned that I want my kit to look first quality when I pay for it just in case I ever did want to sell it down the road.

I just got an email that BB is replacing them.

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I just got an email that BB is replacing them.

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That’s good. I had no doubt that they would do that for you.

I have gotten legs that looked like that from being squished into the box. Once they are heated they seem to pop back to normal and also being stuffed. I think it will be okay.

I got the new arms today and the new right arm has the exact same mark in it and there is one on the left arm too that you can actually feel a little bit as it is more of a crease/indention. At this point I assume this is something wrong in the mold and I am just going to go with it and see how it looks after painting. Like I said before, they look like seconds and I have used seconds before with no problems but it does seem like the quality of the pieces are not quite as reliable as in the past.

Usually the long weird looking marks on the vinyl should be okay. I usually just take a piece of the super fine auto body wet sand paper and lightly wet sand that area. It disappears pretty well doing that. The black specks you are seeing is a flaw. It is a piece of burned vinyl or a piece of just contam that is left in the mold and is picked up with the next wet batch of hot vinyl that is poured in. I took a pin and dug in the black spot on a defective part, and it is a hard chunk of something in there.