Attempted scam

Someone just attempted to scam me off Do not sell to Krista (or Kristalyn) Fisher from Sterling, CO! She purchased a doll last week via PayPal. I sent the doll to her, and today I get a message from her that it isn’t the doll she ordered and wants a refund or she will report me. She sent a picture of a doll I did NOT send her. I feel like I’ve seen this picture online before, let me know if anyone else has! Anyways, tracking said it hadn’t even been delivered yet, which I told her, and she acted as she didn’t believe me. Once I told her I was intercepting the package, she began apologizing. I’m now building my case in the event she reports me to PayPal, which I’m sure she’ll do. It cost me $15 to intercept the package, so I’m going to refun her all of her money except all of the fees I’ve spent. I guess some scammers aren’t smart enough to wait until they have the doll to ask for a refund.



Do not refund her money until you have the doll back. USPS does not guarantee that they can intercept a package. Especially if it is close to being delivered. Trust me I have had it happen. Also I would recommend taking a video and photos at the time of box packing. The doll she sent you a photo of is a scan doll from China


The absolute NERVE of that lady. I’m not sure where she got the audacity, but she needs to put it back!

I hope that you can intercept your baby with no further issues. Thanks for the warning.


Yes, I’m definitely taking video and photos next time!
I called the post office first, so they were going to set it aside so I had time to intercept it. So hopefully they did. I don’t plan on refunding her until I get the doll back. But I’m expecting her to make a claim on PayPal. Ugh! What a headache! I told her she should be ashamed of herself! She’s still emailing me over and over, begging me to still send it. I haven’t told her I verified the interception yet.

Should I contact PayPal ahead of time?


I would. Maybe you’ll be one step ahead of this mess.


I can’t offer paypal advice, because my experience with them is limited. I’m so glad that you’ll be able to get the doll back though. Maybe she should be told that the artist community is really a small world and other painters have been warned of her shenanigans so that she doesn’t try the same thing again. Can Dave restrict her from using the buy now option? That way if she really wants a doll she will have to message the seller first.


Does she live in Colorado?

I will ask him to do that, but I don’t have the Buy Now option on my dolls anyways. I was emailing back and forth with her after her order and everything seemed fine. I posted on that site as well to warn others. I actually had to renew my membership just to post about it because my membership just expired like yesterday, andI wasn’t going to renew yet because I only have one doll for sale. Oh well. I figured this would happen eventually, buts it’s definitely frustrating!


Yes, Sterling Colorado.

Sterling Colorado according to OP

edit… Oop, she’s posted while I was typing. Sorry for the duplicate info.

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Sorry, I see that now :roll_eyes:

Have you sold to her before?

No, I was looking for her profile to block her on facebook. I wish reborns had that feature as well.


Yep, I just blocked her on Facebook and Instagram! She just messaged me on again, asking what my decision is on this doll so she can decide what she’s going to do. After about 20 emails. Apologizing for the “confusion”, begging me to call the post office so she can go pick up the package, she still really wants her, etc. Ugh!
It’s a different story once she realized I could still stop the delivery!


What a headache!

The first picture she sent looks like it’s straight from Pinterest. Like she’d put it all up on there before sending to you. She just got it from a search…


I know, I feel like I’ve seen those exact pictures before somewhere!

Looks like possibly she ordered a scam doll off the internet and thought she could order a real doll and then try to claim you sent the scam, so she could get her money back and keep the real doll in place of the scam junk doll. She “forgot” she ordered two?? No, she didn’t. I hope you can intercept the package.


Good catch, I didn’t even notice that until you pointed it out.