Attaching Torso - Front and Back

I need advice on how to use a full torso rather than a cloth body. I’m sure I need the cloth body underneath, but what advice does anyone have on attaching the front and back anotomically correct parts to the head and limbs without having any of the cloth body exposed? I have the parts, but no instructions on how to sew them on.

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What kit do you have?

Hi Pia, I have Sophia, Ben and Sydney. Two female fronts, one male and three backs. I’m clueless!!!

If you have the anatomically correct fronts and backs from BB, they are not meant to join front to back. A little body will show at the sides.

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The belly and front plates are for posing only. They are not permanently attached but rather “tucked” in. You can punch holes in them and tie with ribbons on the sides to hold them in place, but clothing is necessary to make them look realistic. They are not very "cuddlable (is that a word?) with the plates on the baby.

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I kind of hate I ordered those now…newbie errors, huh? I might just try to resell them or keep those as samples as my first ones won’t be so great anyway. Thanks for the advice.

Not sure what the limit is for returns on BB, but I am sure they would refund the purchase price if you decided not to keep them.