Asriel asleep kit, scratches in vinyl?

I am going to start my Asriel Asleep kit and I noticed, on his legs, there are a bunch of small scratches! Was anyone else’s kit like this? :confused:

I read on facebook that all of the kits are like that (Asriel asleep, awake, and Kieko). Jorga said they were intentionally sculpted to add texture :heart:

I havent actually seen these kits in person so I cant comment as to personal experience… just relaying info Ive read :wink:

Thank you so much! I did find this out, and I feel much better now :blush:

Yeah, I was wondering as well. I just got Keiko. Hopefully, there won’t be too much pooling of paint

Yes that’s what my concern was. So I spoke with another artist about her Asriel Kit and I don’t think she had a problem from what she said! So we should be good :blush: