Asian reborn sculpts?

I have the Amaya that I don’t feel my skill level is up to just yet. I started to try to paint her, wasn’t happy with how it was going, so stripped off the paint. She’s going to be my keeper and I want her to be perfect! (I actually have a ponytail from my own daughter’s previous haircut that will go on this doll… to make her that much more special!)

This is a picture of my daughter when she was around 2-3…

And now… she’s going to be 13 at the end of the month!!

With the sale and coupon code this week I feel maybe I ought to buy another asian sculpt that I won’t feel as much pressure to get “perfect” (Tho I am a perfectionist and try to do the best I can on each baby.) I’m just so new to the art…

Anyway, any suggestions for kits to look at? I’ve seen Fei Yen. and Kimi. (I personally like Kimi a bit better so far)… but I’d love to see other kits out there that y’all like.


Here is a pic of my Kimi. BB also has Kameko but I think the best may be Realborn Laila.




I do love Amaya, and have her… when I saw her it made me think of my daughter as a little girl.

I just don’t feel ready to paint her (yet!)


Miranda has an Asian look to me if it is a practice baby so to speak. I enjoyed this sculpt and ofcourse wanted to keep her as usual.


Your daughter is very beautiful, and I think Amaya is perfect for her. Don’t worry. I have made hundreds of dolls and I still get one occasionally that I strip multiple times. In the end I am always happy that I did it.


Mae by Sandy Faber was my first Asian baby. Irresistables has her. Jiali by Adrie Stoete is also cute. Lea by Ping Lau is on pre-order at Irresistables. She looks a lot like the first picture. I’d get one of these if you want one to practice on but I think Amaya is perfect for her. Your daughter is beautiful.

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Incredibly adorable!!!

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Adrie Stoete has some cute ones. My favorite is Luli
This is Luli with # 19 limb set on Macphearsons


Ooh, so many possibilities!

I appreciate all of the suggestions.

I don’t have any suggestions but what a cute little girl and young lady! Good Luck on your search!

Amaya above is gorgeous, but understand not feeling ready to paint something.

Maybe Kenzie from bountiful baby here:

Mine doesn’t have lashes, and her eyebrows suck, because I am not great at reborning, but she could be a possibility if you wanted a bigger doll.

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