Ashton Drake - Reborning?

Hi! Does anyone know if you can reborn an Ashton drake doll? Can it be put in the Nuwave oven?

I have put them in a regular oven. I don’t have a nuwave
They are more prone to go shiny from the heat and melt so keep a watch on it.

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Thank you!

You can and I’ve watched videos of people putting on a new body, weighing and I’m looking for one on rooting.

Either time in the oven to soften the head or a heating root lamp or a rice sock you heat up in the microwave and then put in the head to heat it up. Stuffing a towel in the head after you put the sock in gives you more rooting time. Welcome to old time reborning.

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Rooting old school. The dolls look great when they’re reborn. The masterpiece dolls are gorgeous. Why can’t Ashton Drake make theirs better?

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