Ashton Drake Hair....😒

gasp I like to play with dolls… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

So, I own one vinyl doll. She is not cute. I hate the sculpt. She looks angry and is just impossible for me to pose. On top of it all, her hair is wrecked. Not like it wasn’t garbage when I got her, but still. Heaven forbid I hold her and mess with her. Her hair is trashed after like 3 months of having her. She was on sale for like $70. I got her to see if I could like vinyl. (I can like it btw.:wink:)

To be fair, she is the only doll I have put together right now so she gets all the holding, changing, and handling. I weighted her up to 10 lbs (I know, extreme to some), gave her a new body, and a silicone butt. She feels AMAZING! Her hair is just not cool.

I conditioned it with detangler, regular haor conditioner, and various other things. Absolutely nothing stopped the matting. So, I cut her hair today. It did make it somewhat better but I can’t cut it again. I don’t want to reroot her because my tender hands have never known the pain that is rooting really hard vinyl and I don’t want them to.

Is there anything I can really do for hair aside from remove it?

Also, some pictures I was playing with.


I’ve restored some very nasty Barbie doll hair. There are two things you can try. Boil some water, then remove it from the heat and let it cool for a few minutes. Dunk the hair in the water for just a moment, then dunk it in to cold water to cool it off. You can go back and forth a few times, just don’t leave it in the hot water. In between, comb it gently. Another thing is to saturate the hair with Downy fabric softner and leave it for several hours, then rinse it out. I’ve used both methods and they will work on doll hair.


Thank you!!! I’m gonna try that.

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