Ashton drake baby

I’m considering reborning an Ashton Drake doll but she’s got a really hard head. The arms and legs are fine, really squashy, but the head is so hard. Is there a plastic skull or something in AD babies? Can it be removed and how can I do so?

I am working on one now. I had to remove the polyfill and a plastic sac of sand from her head and from her body. I removed all of the polyfill from her arms and legs. Her head is like concrete. I am 1/4 through and have already broke 4 needles. I started reheating her head for 3 minutes at 270 degrees and it helped tremendously. It allows me at least 30 minutes of rooting alot easier. You mentioned that the arms and legs are squishy. Mine were too but I removed the poly fill so I could properly add weight to the baby…

Yes the head is like concrete. I 'm wondering if it’s possible to remove whatever it is that’s making it so hard to replace with something better. If you pull it out will the head go squashy like a soft vinyl kit or go out of shape and ruin?

The arms and legs are nice and squishy, no weight whatsoever though and the arms don’t lie properly either.

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I dont think there is anything in the head to make it feel like concrete…i think it is just the type of vinyl they use possibly to keep the head from collapsing or being malformed.