Ashia Eagles plate issues

Just a heads up that the belly plates are easily cracked.

Mine has chunks out and a crack. That is how it arrived. I have contacted Mac’s and they want me to send the plate back…

BUT I know of 2 more artist with issues also with the plates cracking. When when it arrived and another that looked fine until baking. Then split more than once.


Unrelated to this kit but:

I have also seen another kit that is new and an artist of 7 years had issues with hers splitting by the eyes and behind the ear on her Taynan kit

Here are her photos about hers
The eye split and she repaired it

Then baked again… and 2 more splits


Thanks for the Ashia alert. I sometimes get too busy to check my kits when they come in, luckily, mine’s OK.

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Keep an eye on it as you go. Some look fine and split later.


Thank you for the alert. I checked the kit but didn’t really focus on inside of belly plate.

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Ahh I need to check mine, I did look it over but didn’t notice anything, I may have overlooked! Thank you!

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Mine came in perfect condition, then split three times right where Jenni’s came already split. I baked it supported very well in its curved shape on a flannel rolled blanket.

Then on the next bake, I had trimmed off the sides trying to salvage it. The armpit split (plate was also well supported). :sleepy:

I figure there is no use trying to repair if something like this happens every bake. Or even worse, it gets all the way to the customer and splits.


Thanks for sharing Aly. It sucks so much and on an expensive kit. I hate belly plates.


I didn’t really want to paint it but I was trying to tough it out for the sake of keeping the kit all together. I prefer the non wrap around plates because they are easier to bake. I’ve never had a plate split and have painted lots!


My Sansa belly plate came with tons of cracks. Irrestistables replaced it instantly and I didnt have to send it back and wait for a new one.


Oh dear! Thank you for sharing this. I am getting more and more scared to bake.It is one thing to see the flaws and know what you are up against from the start, but sometimes you just can’t tell. One that I had been working on had thin vinyl at the top of her head and I could tell like third bake or so that it was not going to hold up. She is sitting here now, not sure what to do with her.


Ugh…I better check mine…I only pulled her head out for a quick look…I am not looking forward to painting it after seeing these pix. :confounded: