Asher awake prototype by marie gambus

I have not seen an Awake version I loved until this one! Wow - she has done a remarkable job!


Wow! Asher awake as a girl is beautiful.

She’s gorgeous! I just wish I could turn off the music in her auctions (it makes my computer lag something awful!)

So cute she has a light touch to her babies they always look so softly detailed. Pretty pretty baby!

I don’t care how big she is - I LOVE the look of this baby!

I love him as a little girl!!! Such a beautiful baby!

I WONDER Asher awake is bigger…I will explain why …Oh yes I won and purchased the Kase by Evon Nather…I just love her work and she is such a nice lady…No I am not rich …But just got him today and he is bigger than presley and my gosh ladies he is a beautiful baby. He has long fingers and looks amazing real… bigger head and longer for some reason unless she is using a different body …His head is bigger than presley for sure longer face and bigger realistic newborn head…Love the sculpt…Just to let the group know…:0)

Also I think it was Pia who said KASE was the cutest realborn so Dar and you would be right

I did and congratulations on winning the auction for Evon’s prototype. I was very surprised that you were the only bidder? Lucky you!

It is longer face but against presley awake he looks like a human baby not a doll presley has a bulb shaped head Kase has normal infant skull shape.