Asher awake? Also another?

I was curious if anyone may have any idea when Asher awake maybe out I want to buy another asleep Asher but I’m so nervous if I do they will put the awake one up for sale I love closed eye babies for some reason but I’m working on Asher by donna lee an the vinyl is so different im having a hard time with the paint staying on the vinyl this is hard to explain like ok the eyebrows I can put paint on the brush an start the eyebrow but the only thing going on the vinyl is the paint thinner I never had this happen anyone have any ideas even the creases it so hard to get the paint to go on idk if I’m explaining it right but wondering if maybe it’s a older vinyl im not sure

Thanks for the info I think I have it still working on creases though need some coffee i think I’m going cross eyed from painting for so long lol so guess I’m gonna wait on buying another Asher asleep I would like to get atleast one of each an it’s not like I need to buy another kit I still have both Presley’s an a few other kits I can work on its just so hard not to buy these babies it’s like I get a few extra bucks an I’m like ok what kit can I buy lol I’m gonna restrain myself from buying any other kits have 2 on preorder it’s so addicting an I’m still learning I didn’t realize how much there is to learn in reborning babies