Asher asleep

So the one baby I really want is Asher asleep im so in love with that kit so does anyone have any clue when he will be up for sale I know they said 2 weeks after PRESLEY awake is up but just curious maybe around a estimated time I just wanna make sure I have the money I don’t wanna miss out on him

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Hi Everyone, you can expect the release of Asher Asleep within (*Update) *2-3 weeks.

Hope This Helps

Bountiful Baby


I think we had all hoped for a smaller than 21 day window? But thanks for the reply.


Just watch the gallery, and you should be right. He will probably not sell as fast as the Presley Asleep. Presley Awake is still available, there are still 255 here on BB. And the “BB reborns supplies” site has 44 more.

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Ok so 2 down 2 more To go lol I love PRESLEY Awakes little mouth he does have a wicked cute face kinda wish the limbs where a little different I still love him Im so nervous I’m not gonna have the money for Asher asleep well both Asher’s I will cry Monday or Thursday would be great for him to be released for me anyway getting paid every other week stinks!!!

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