Asher Asleep #800

I just received Asher asleep 800/1500 and he’s so sweet! I can’t believe how quickly he got here! I ordered him on Wednesday and he got here about 20 minutes ago!
Since I won’t be able to paint him for a while I’ve decided to put him together and dress him. He looks so sweet in his little striped sweater
I just wanted to show of my sweet baby boy :heart:


He’s an adorable kit. When will you be able to paint him?

I’d say probably around the end of the summer. I’ll be getting bb Caleb and Joey to practice on first so I don’t ruin Asher

Number 800 means that there are still 700 of this kit still in stock! I really thought the RealBorns would sell out a bit quicker than they have bee, get lots of practice u der your belt and then you will be ready to tackle the details in those little limbs!

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You have great will-power! I’m not sure I could wait. :grimacing:

I don’t have much of a choice. I have to wait. I have no paint or anything I’ll need for him. I just bought the kit for now

Ahhhh, I understand. :wink:

I would’ve bought everything else too, but with shipping and everything I couldn’t really afford to get anything else

Once you get the paints, they’ll last a very long time.

That’s good. I can’t wait to start on Asher. He’s put together and laying in a basket on my bed in his little onesie. I took his little sweater and pants off for now. I have someone who wants to see him but won’t be around to see him when he’s done so I’m going to get him all dressed up on Friday and take him to show her and then he’ll be taken apart and put away until I can get the rest of my supplies

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