This is from a while ago but I am so mad at how people treated her.

I don’t know why people have to be so mean. If she’s not hurting anyone why not let her be? Facebook gets really bad sometimes. I have started blocking some of the drama.


It’s easy for some to judge others when they have never experienced such a tragic loss! I lost my son 13yrs ago to heart disease. His birthday is tomorrow, would be 28. Every year we go to the cemetery with a cake and balloons. Some people understand and others don’t. But I don’t care, this is the only thing I can do to keep him alive within me. Years go by and other children come along so memories start to fade. So if any parent should never be shamed for how they deal with there loss. Reborn artist create wonderful babies and if someone can find comfort in a look a like doll then they should do so. Without prejudice.


Wow, that’s horrible. Telling someone they should end their life is a very vile thing to do.
She’s not harming anyone and it seems to help her. Good for her that she stood up against the bullies and continued to take her dolls out.

Ignorance, plain and simple!

That story made me cry. Miscarriage can be so painful. How dare anyone be so crule to someone greiving in their own way.

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It made me cry too. I don’t understand why people would do that.

The pain of losing a child leaves a hole in your heart that never goes away. No one who hasn’t experienced it can understand. Anything that eases that pain, even a little, is fine with me. I recently sold a doll to a woman who had lost her baby daughter at 26 weeks 40 years ago. I weighted it to her baby’s exact weight and put her little one’s name on the birth certificate. She said it looked just like her baby and was so grateful to have it. There have always been, and always will be, people who are viciously mean when they lack understanding. I have never been able to comprehend why they think it’s okay to intentionally hurt other people. That said, reborn dolls have helped many people survive their grief, calmed Alzheimer’s patients, eased loneliness, and made it just a little easier for some to get through cancer treatments. Sure doesn’t sound weird or crazy to me.


People can be so cruel. I made a baby for a lady who had lost her only daughter at 22 weeks 20 years ago, she didn’t have any photos of her but I made one to the size her baby would have been at 22 weeks, she grew her hair as she wanted me to use her hair on the reborn and now she said she gets great comfort from holding the reborn, this is what we aim for to give someone pleasure and comfort. It’s not for everyone but nobody should be bullied for having a reborn for whatever reason.


I’ve enjoyed dolls all my life. At different times, it’s been for different reasons. The consistent reason is it’s a stress relief. In my local doll meetup group we have a saying ‘Everyone enjoys their dolls differently’. I think that’s a good motto for hobbies in general.

When it comes to dolls, they really illicit a lot of emotions. It’s instinct for people to punish other for non-normative behavior, but when it comes to mourning losses, there is no such thing as normal. No one owes anyone an explanation for why they enjoy dolls any more than a video gamer needs to explain why they like to play games.

I’ve avoided open doll communities on FaceBook because of the hurtful behavior. I’ve seen mourning mom reborners try to shame role-playing reborn mommies just as viciously as the woman featured in the article above has experienced. It’s not cool. The average internet reader isn’t going to think very hard, just react, that’s why if some subject is a sensitive one, I just keep it out of the way for trolls to find. We shouldn’t have to do this, but I do it to avoid having my own feelings hurt. I admire those that are open about their coping strategies. Psychology experts agree that doll therapy is a positive method to self-heal.

I’m sorry for anyone that’s lost a child. I cannot even begin to fathom that pain, nor the courage it would take to keep going. I admire anyone that has managed to cope and carry on.

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