Arms were too red once cured :(

So the arms ended up being much more red once cured than I expected. She looks like she’s got a sun burn. I attempted to remove a little with thinner and it didn’t do much. I’m hoping the flesh paint relieves some of the severe look. So I made 2 mistakes that are noticeable. 1. The paint in the first coat was not applied evenly and only after curing could I see the streaks and paint deposits, 2. I went a little crazy with the red and made the arms look sunburned. Really hoping the flesh coats help lessen the appearance of both mistakes. I was able to make one bad arm streak look like a fingernail scratch, but I can’t cover every mistake that way.

here is a pic from tonight, will show it more clearly in the day tomorrow.

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Apply a few mint green washes to neutralize the red. A color wheel is an awesome tool!! If you need to neutralize a color apply the color opposite of the color you’re trying to neutralize. Here’s a helpful link with a color wheel. Just click below :art::relaxed:

Ok I will order that color as it wasn’t included in what I bought.

If you have blue,yellow and white you can make the mint green. A touch of yellow and a touch of blue and a lot of white. Just make sure it’s a wash, use a lot of thinner and you might need to apply more than one layer.

Dowels in glasses with towels…what a great idea. I bought one of those plastic ones and it doesn’t work well because the pieces touch each other unless I only load it with two limbs at a time. I’m on a tight budget, so I’m going to try this with Mason jars.
I think your skin tone looks beautiful. Some babies are redder than others.

the yellow wasn’t included in the 8 colors. I’ll wait until she is all painted and done to decide if I’ll add the mint green. Her left arm might just have a slight birth mark if nothing else. If It bothers me too much at the end I’ll make a mint wash and paint it several times until it’s less extreme. I’m happy with how the rest is turning out.

I lift the paper towel and shove it down with the rods so they fit in there nice and snug. It wasn’t really planned out just grabbing for what I could find in a pinch once the painting was started. I use heavy glasses so they don’t tip so easily.

We used dowels for the limbs but I put the head on a water bottle and it was a perfect fit. I could just turn the bottle and not smudge the paint. My daughter is helping me paint and assemble her, which is another reason she won’t be completely perfect, but she will definitely be loved.

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