Arms on backwards on one new body

I was checking out the new BB bodies I bought and one of the four have the arms backwards. The tie string is in front. Does anyone know how to remove the joints so I can switch them? I can’t figure it out and don’t want to ruin it.

Maybe I’m not understanding … But if it has a joint can’t you just spin the whole arm piece so the tie opening is where you want it?

It seems like the body I put on Bindi I had to turn the arm caps some to get them positioned right.

It’s difficult to remove the joints. You have to cut the ridges off the post to get the rings off and replace the entire joint with a new one. It doesn’t really matter if the ties are in the front or the back because the arms are the same on both sides I. I make my own bodies and use zip ties. I intentionally put the ties on the front and tuck the head of the tie into the opening toward the body. That way you don’t feel the zip tie when you hold the baby.

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If it’s a full limb arm (or leg) body and some of those tie openings are backwards it seems like it would be easier to just make a new opening. ie remove the string, cut a new hole where you want it and hand stitch the other opening shut. I don’t imagine reinserting the string will be very easy but you could use zip ties … Or even tie the string to a zip tie just to get it in.

Not sure I’m making sense … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: