Armature for toddler

How would I make an armature for my stinker standing? Is there something else I can use? Also, do you have any tips to keep their heads up?

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Don’t weight the head. Just use polyfil. For keeping the head up I use 1 1/2 inch diameter foam pipe insulation. You should be able to get it at a hardware store or Walmart. It looks like a small swim noodle. I put about 3 inches into the head and 6 or 7 into the body. It allows the head to turn. Dolls By Sandie has great armature. The 28 inch one should work for Tibby. Kemper Dolls also has them about $5 cheaper. There is wire armature but I personally wouldn’t use it because I’d be afraid it might poke through the vinyl if it shifted somehow.


I made a wire one my standing Taylor but she does not stand well. I ordered a plastic one from Antinas but she called to say she is out, has been out for awhile and does not think she will be getting anymore in. CR Crafts has armatures too and are cheaper than anyone but they are out of the 28 inch.

Anyone else?

CRS crafts sells the different sizes of white plastic armature

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CR crafts are all out of the 28 inch armature

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