Armature for silicone and Drink and wet system - HOW DO I?

Hi, I was wondering what the armature for a silicone is made of? I have not bought a silicone doll so I don’t know what they are made of. I have held some at the doll shows, but the artist don’t want to tell you, what they use in the construction of a silicone doll. I was told by one artist: “go engineer it yourself”, (basically figure it out yourself). While I do appreciate artist’s own unique way of doing things, I only wanted to get an idea of what was used or the industry standard or if there is one?. Also, to know if the armature would hold up over time of use.
My goal is to eventually, make these dolls myself, but I want to start on a path that gives me some idea of where to start with the armature and the drink and wet system. I have taken several classes on mold making, and I have some idea about that process, but I am confused by the process of armature, wet and drink and getting the tongue and gums in the mouth. Here are some of my questions related to these areas:

  1. What type of armature is use? metal wire, electrical wire, plastic jointed armature etc.?
  2. Is the armature put into the doll before it is poured? or after? (meaning in the mold as it is poured? or inserted somehow after it is poured?)

3.What is used for the wet and drink system? someone told me tubing for fish tanks? abd again, is it put in at the time of the pour or afterwards somehow?
4. Is the tongue and gums sculpted then added after the doll is poured or are they sculpted and then poured with the whole body?

I hope the questions, make sense!!! I have searched the web countless hours for these answers and couldn’t find them. Please any help would be appreciated, if my fellow reborn artist could point me in the right direction. Thank you in advance♥



I had a mini silicone and hated the floppiness of her limbs. I did like the feel of it but that unnatural floppiness was too weird, lol. Now I see there are silicone dolls with Armature, that would help a lot! I have been watching Clair Taylor Dolls and am thinking about one again.

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I’ve seen some armatures done with tightly twisted aluminum foil. I’m not sure how they get it in there, though, but I think it would have to be placed before pouring. I always wanted to know how the tongue and gums are done but I can’t find a single tutorial for that. I’m guessing they’re poured separately and added after the fact with more silicone as ‘glue’.

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I know that when I sculpt in clay I use a twisted aluminum foil. This would be interesting to know by a silicone artist if this is what they use. If so, I would wonder about how long it would hold up? I’m glad I’m not the only one who has had questions about the process. Thanks for your input.

Here’s a video of someone inserting a wire armature into a silicone unicorn, not exactly a baby but I’d imagine you could do it the same way.

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In order to have some answers you have to join the proper silicone groups . If you show interest and some of your work they are willing to help . In exchange it would be nice to be active on the group and help others when you can . Some videos are shared some tricks and tequnicks aren’t . Myself including I have so much money and time In silicones as many things you have to learn by own . Experimenting and doing many mistakes. You can insert the armature but then you have to fix the whole baby . Can have flaws so you have to pour the baby that way to have the wire already built in .
As of the drink end wet . There are more ways . Everyone figures it out differently . I never seen a video shared but it may be available just didn’t come across .
Many would help and many won’t as they see you as competition . I do not agree as we all create different babies .

Thank you for sharing - I just watched and I loved this video. Gave me some ideas for another project and something to think about for silicone dolls.

I’m completely new to this so, Not sure what I can share yet, but don’t mind sharing what I can. When I approached several silicone doll artist at various shows over the years, with just one or two simple questions, I felt the"brush off" and that they were NOT wanting to share any info. This is the part of the dolly world I don’t like, but I can understand they didn’t want to give their secrets away. The questions were like: what type of armature do you use? This should not be a trade secret. If I was a buyer, I would expect the artist to tell me so that I understood that I was buying a quality product that would last a long time, and not break easily. I understand the cost, as I am setting up silicone doll area now. Thus the reason I am asking the questions, I want to make sure I get the right items and don’t waste money. With that said, I have just recently ask to join a FB group about silicone dolls. Do you recommend a certain group that is willing to share? Thank you for your input.

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I am going to pm you

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I know this artist that makes silicone babies name Anhaungs and she puts armature in her babies. I always wanted one of her babies but they’re way too pricey for budget.:wink:

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I would love to know how to my grandbabys want them an I can’t afford them I though if I could make them one it would be something they could keep for ever but I have watch some videos on some but none with the armachers. I wonder what kind of clay they use to make there mold still wanting to learn.

Can you help me also I want to learn how to make but don’t know where to go or what to use.

Silicone dolls are fragile and require a lot of care. They’re really not suitable for children.

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