Armature for Sandie

Anybody using armature for Sandie by Joanna Kazmierczak?

Good question, I hadn’t thought about it. I wonder if he/she will need one to actually stand? Following this one.

I’m thinking she might need it to be able to stand and sit. If her body is stuffed firm enough to stand, I don’t think she’ll sit very well, if at all.


I agree, but I have never painted a standing kit before. I think I saw a tutorial somewhere about how to make them, but I cannot remember where. I hate to pay shipping again to buy one, but it would be easier. has them in different sizes.

One of the prototype artist said she used one in her Sandie


I use an armature in almost all my dolls and have for years. Advantages: ability to move and position arms, clasp fingers, etc., and the pose will hold in place. The torso part of the armature acts as a spine to eliminate the worry of future sagging or settling of the fiberfill. If you can find plastic link armature with the head extension, get it! It also works as insurance that the chin will never, ever droop and rest on the chest, ability to tilt head up, down and to the sides. Here’s an oldie but goodie tutorial by Debbie Henshaw: TheyNeverGrowUpNursery: Kristaleta/Suzon Armature/Weighting Tutorial
Something I do is use a length, shorter than the torso, of foam pipe insulation. I prefer the beige to ensure the larger colors available won’t show through the fabric body.

Fit it around the torso links and make a tight fit with the sticky sides. I also use at least two zip ties as insurance they will always “clutch” the links and not slip down or expand. Available at any hardware store, but also Amazon (of course) and Ebay. I use my heavier weighting beads and add them after the armature is in place. Stand the armature with the body, as shown in the tutorial, in a box or something that will save you from stepping barefoot on fill material that may bounce out on the floor while filling. It hurts. :wink: Your first time in learning to use the armature might require more time than you like, but after the first, you will embrace the capabilities of using it.
Oh, and while you order your armature, get one for LTR’s Vito to have on hand! I have a decent selection of sizes on hand, including ones for babies. The posing, oh, the, posing!