Armature cuddle baby— SUCCESS!

I took the joints out of a cuddle body and inserted an armature, and it worked pretty well! The armature was too long in the torso, so I had to take out some of the joints… but then I couldn’t put it back together without buying an expensive set of pliers. So I found some normal armature wire and made it work!

The head is Evie by Linda Murray, painted by @RebeccaKatie :slight_smile:


What size armature did you use?

You know what is crazy? I just took a pic of my cuddle baby on the exact same body and the exact same pajamas :scream: P.S. that is an adorable baby


I used the 20 inch one. The arms and legs are perfect, if not a bit short, but the spine was ~3 inches too long.

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Wow, cool! Your baby is so sweet :grinning:

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What head is that? I want one! Love the yawners!

She’s Evie by Linda Murray! I bought her from Macphersons. Her vinyl is soooo soft

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Did you not get her with limbs?

She was in the “head only” section.


Oh ok, I was thinking about ordering one for June awake. Thanks

He is so cute all put together!!! I’m so happy you like him, he was a dream to paint!

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@teacupbears Can you use wire armature in just the legs and arms without taking the joints out, what I mean is would that look right and would that work ok?

@RebeccaKatie Great painting job! His open mouth looks so real!

Aw thank you so much! He is such a sweet kit.

I’m not sure— I mostly use the armature for posing and positioning, so I don’t think wire in just the limbs would do much. It’s mostly the hips and shoulders that are important to me.

If you ever try doing a partial armature, let me know how it goes!

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they have “head only” section?? OH, NO!!! LOL LOL

@teacupbears Oh ok, I will try it on my Cuddle Body for Easton soon. If I forget to come back and let you know how it worked please PM me to remind me, I get so busy sometimes. :crazy_face::grin::wink:

Cute baby. Love the idea. And Pjs too!

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