Are Tibby's eye Crooked?

Whaa! I finally inserted these eyes and I think Tibby’s eyes are deformed… He left eye looks a lot smaller and lower… eh.

What do you think? I was thinking of having her look off the side so it’s not too noticeable…

I think they look good - somewhere I read that when you photograph the doll, make sure the lights hit the eye in the same place, then you will know they are placed correctly – I would love to see her look to the side & agree that it might be less noticeable. Shyann has the same issues with the placement of the eyes…one always looks larger than the other.

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I had a heck of a time getting Tibby’s eyes right. I think the sockets aren’t the same size and are not shaped the same.

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Absolutely! All the big toddlers have this problem…it was the most defined on Tessa…

Thanks for the responses, I thought I was going CrZaY! I’ve been messing with these eyes for a couple weeks now…

After googling I agree, it is the kit. The pupils are looking in the same direction, not much else I can do about eye shape. I will just chip off all the super glue I got all over her eyes and next time I will have Tibby looking off to the side…lol.

I continuing to hope BB will come out with a new standing toddler

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I continuing to hope BB will come out with a new standing toddler

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ME TOO!!! I have been buying biggie kid kits from other dealers, and those girls by Natali Blick have incredible detail to their feet and hands, but they are sitters; they do sit and pose gorgeously, though. I have still been importing kits from Germany (Gerlinde Feser) and have one or two BB biggies to work on, but I am sooooooo ready for a new kid on the block!!

BB, did ya’ hear us in between our sobs?

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I really like Schick! I make a Tatiana head with Chun Mei limbs, she looked really good. Regina Swialkowski has some really cute standing toddlers, but the kits’ vinyls are hard as a rock, lol. Either way I always fret at paying $100 plus on a kit, unless it’s a custom.

I would LOVE a smaller standing toddler. I would jump at the chance to make a standing Cookie sized doll, a chubby legged one year old who just learned to walk… or maybe just produce the legs and we can buy them in the parts section. I saw someone selling old secondhand 24" standing Secrist legs on ebay; I bid on them but they went for $30-40 a set.

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