Are they grainy?

So I redid some photos today. Still more to do tomorrow. Because I was informed they were grainy. Can someone tell me. Are any of these grainy?



These are the clearest so far.


Awesome. Turns out it was my photo editing app messing with the resolution.

I’m redoing all of them. Although it isn’t fun and it’s so time consuming. Lol

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Pic monkey did that to me before… now I just use it on collages.

For just my nursery name I type in the paint program on my computer. I just click edit on the photo then add a text box and type.


I think they are great! I can see all the details now. Great babies! :heart:

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Thank you! :purple_heart:

Lovely skin tones! Do you use the primary color method?

All of them are great! The last one is darker and a little less detailed but overall they’re a lot better! Great job! Your Journey is precious, I really love that sculpt.


Thank you. No. I don’t use any method. I mix my own colors with genesis and just go with my gut. Lol.

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Last few. Are they grainy?
Thanks so much for taking the time ladies.


Love the pic with the little hat!

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Thank you. I love that little hat. Lol

Well, it definitely works for you. Nice!

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They are very dark. I’d take them outside in natural light or find a nice window light

They are done outside. And they don’t look dark on my phone. Taking them in brighter light washes out the color.

They look clear to me.

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