Are these fakes or are they ok?

These are really cute but are they fakes or are they like ashton drake (Factory made but not stolen)? They arent calling them reborns or anything but you can never be to careful these days. They are silicone.

The company appears to be legitimate? I don’t see them described as “silicone” though.


I was saying silicone based off the post of someone who has bought them. :slightly_smiling_face:

I just read a review by someone in Australia that bought them at K-Mart. She said silicone. There are numerous comments on the post.if you go to Doll-Fanon FaceBook, you can probably read about them.


Not fakes or knockoffs, just factory made and molded dolls and not reborns.

I’ve read that they are a bit firmer than the silicone used for most art dolls.

They’re cute! But it makes me want to sculpt my own little mini and learn how to pour silicone.