Are there any kits similar to Libby?

Hi there everyone! I am wondering since Libby is discontinued and sold out if there are any kits similar to her? By similar, I mean 22-24 inches and chubby. Bonus if they have 3/4 limbs. I am aware of Fei Yen but she is also discontinued and sold out.

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Celeste muscgrove comes to my mind-

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Im realizing that she may be discontinued, too

Yes I think she is too. She’s a little bit smaller than Libby too. But thank you :blush:

Crystal was supposed to be discontinued, but she is still on the website. Full limbs, 21 inches, but chubby. Unfortunately, Libby and Celeste have both been discontinued.

Here is an unpainted Celeste on eBay: CELESTE REBORN KIT NEW UNPAINTED | eBay

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful! Good luck!

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This one is 19” but her legs are very bent. I think she’s on the bigger side. :white_heart:


There’s a Libby kit on Etsy for $70.36.

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Thanks! checked it out but seller doesn’t ship to the us unfortunately :frowning:

Did you check reborns kits or post in wanted section?

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Sorry no Libby in my stash :slightly_frowning_face:

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