Are there any kits similar to Aurora Sky?

Hi there everyone! I was wondering if there are any kits similar/similar looking to Aurora Sky since she’s a sold out limited edition kit.

Here’s what I am looking for:
Newborn size (18-20 inches)
Open eyed/ Awake
Doesn’t have to be from Bountiful Baby
Would prefer full limbs but am open to mixed ones.

To give an example, I thought Isabelle Awake kind of looked similar but I’m not sure:
Isabelle awake

Aurora Sky

This is just an example.



Tink by Bonnie Brown is a little like her- smaller but makes a super cute baby.


Here’s a couple to consider.

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Thanks ladies! I’ve decided I’m also considering this one:

A little bit bigger but he’s too cute to pass up!

Tink is tiny maybe 18 inches

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Harlow by Laura Tuzi Ross might do.


I like Harlow! I think she would work :slight_smile:

Love both of these, I kept my 3rd Harlow and wish I had kept Aurora LOL. Isn’t that just the way. Hope it works out for you.

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Just wanted to say I was looking at Natalie by Denise Pratt and I think she could also work. Here is the tutorial baby (Aurora Sky) and Natalie side by side:

Oh gosh! I have a blank kit of Aurora-Sky but she’s in the storage room and way at the back. Too hard to get to at the moment. I can’t even remember if she has a tummy plate or cloth body which would be stored with her, but her COA is 1179/1400 PLUS I’m in Australia. I hope you have luck finding a similar kit. I gave up reborning a few years ago but still have blank kits in storage.