Are partial silicone babies very wanted?

My boyfriend wants to buy me a silicone doll kit as a gift, but we’re trying to find a not so expensive one because it will be my first silicone baby job. Once partial silicone kits are cheaper but I don’t see them a lot, I’ve been wondering if they’re hard to sell or it’s safe to sell one for a high price.

I was wondering the same. I have one that I keep for myself and love her. She’s so cuddly!

Silicone and silicone paints are very expensive. Even a partial silicone reborn would sell for more than a vinyl one. Look for silicones on to get an idea of what people are pricing partial silicones at. They’re not cheap.

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You might want to consider buying a silicone practice face and a trial set of silicone paints before you jump in with both feet and an expensive kit. You can’t wipe off and re-do like you can with acrylic or Genesis paints.


Check Macphersons’ silicones.