Applying matte varnish

What is the easiest way to apply Matte varnish? Do you leave it in the jar and use a sponge to dip and apply? Or do you take it out and thin it before applying?

I stir it and take some out, smear it on a glass pallet thing (currently a glass coaster) and dip the sponge in that. It’s just easier for me to control how much I get on my sponge than dipping it directly in the jar :slight_smile:


I mix matte and satin and a tiny bit of color to tint it on a plate, then pounce it on with a piece of a car sponge or a wedge with the edges pulled off (for no lines)

I mix mine 1/2 and 1/2 satin and matte, touch of flesh and thin it. Paint on with a brush and pounce, don’t thin too much. I don’t like a thick rough feel on my babies, I prefer a smoother feel. JMO and it works for me. GHS paints not dry. :footprints: :baby:

I brush it on then pounce with a cosmetic sponge.

I mix my matte with thinning medium and a little bit of thinner then brush it on and pounce with a wedge

I always brush it on then pounce with a sponge. I can get it more even that way.

I add just a dash of distilled water, a little Corn Starch and DE, and a little bit of the flesh color I used. Then brush it on a plucked edge wedge and pounce. Let it Cure for a week at least. (I use Air Dry Paints)

My matte varnish is very thick. How would you thin in so it I could use a brush?

Genesis matte/satin soften as they are mixed/stirred.