Applied hair

what does everyone think of applied doll hair? How do buyers feel about it? Thanks

I like it when it is rooted first. (as an artist)
I have seen some gross looking attempts done that were not rooted first


I had a resin baby with applied hair, and I loved it! It felt sturdier than rooted/glued hair on reborns… but with something as flexible as vinyl, I’m not sure if it would last well. I like the idea of it being protected and fixed overall, though! I know that for some people the fun is in styling it, but I get really stressed out by rooted mohair :joy:


I’d love to see that! Haha

I’ve never seen it in person but it seems like such a waste of time. I can’t imagine rooting a head which takes me a very long time and gluing it all down :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m horrible at rooting hair; looks bad. I tried applied hair and it doesn’t look too bad but kinda weird. So I’m wondering if people like it.

I feel the same, except I’m rooting a head with alpaca and there’s a large section of the vinyl where the hair didn’t go all the way through. Most of the head is fine, but I worry about it falling out on that section. So I’m going to grit my teeth and try it…:joy: I do think it looks nice when MG does it, and it’ll be on a doll that wears a parka hood, so I think it’s for the best.

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I did 2 babies with applied hair. First was Dominic. He had beautiful, micro rooted hair. Then I glued it down. Made it look like a bad paint job, and made it feel stiff. Ruined a perfect head of hair. :confused:

The next baby I tried applied hair on was Ellenie. But I didn’t root his whole head. I rooted sections and did comb overs to cover the bald spots then I glued it down. He was a budget baby, so it was an okay decision. His head felt rough, but it was a quick way to make an inexpensive baby.
My final decision…don’t waste your time. Prisma pencils look just as realistic, but they feel smooth to the touch. I found nothing positive about the applied hair method on either baby. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Thank you so much

I did it twice so far… first I did not root it… it was hard to do and my fingers kept getting stuck when holding the hair down… etc. I sold it very cheap plus it was a small doll.

The second time I mono rooted first. It was quite short and did not lay the way I wanted so I decided to glue it down. And I think it turned out well and looked way better


Love the dark hair, my fave of all your babies so far :blue_heart:


I like how it looks


Years ago, I glued down a head of hair after I rooted it and I did not care for it. It was very rough feeling and I have no idea how it lasts. I sold the doll cheaply.


Looks good, though :slight_smile:

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Thanks Karen!

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I had 3 attempts at the rooted and glued down hair. 2 with mohair and Tinks with alpaca.


Looks good

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I think they look great, I especially like the 2nd one

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years ago, there was a young lady on Doll Fan forum that made a set of Adrie Stoete twins, I think they were Deidre kit, and glues one head and rooted the other… Both were amazing… I think her name was Betty Happle or something like that, and she was from EU or UK, don’t recall exactly, was so long ago… BUT it was amazing <3