Anyone want to try and fix him?

I was contated through Facebook from a woman who asked if I or anyone I knew could fix her daughters reborn. This doll is obviously very much loved by her daughter. Mom says daughter takes him everywhere. She wants him re-rooted, new body and stuffing/weighing and a magnet put in his head for a pacifier. She said she is willing to pay. She does not want him re-painted.

This is not something I care to take on but I told her I would see if anyone else was interested. If so I can give you her contact information.


She just needs a new doll for the price that might cost lol It’s a matter of completely starting over.


She would be better off getting the hair ‘painted’ if this is for a younger child. Doesn’t she realize how much it will cost to reroot? Why put that kind of money into hair when the same thing is going to happen again! Makes no sense to me.


I agree. I guess that is why these dolls are not made for children. :slight_smile:


It makes me sad that that’s a Bonnie Brown doll and a kid has it. What kit is it?

That baby needs painted hair. And a new paint job. And no magnet. Kids should not have reborns with magnets. Imo.

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