Anyone use compact crown needles?

After a solid day of practice and three of my test heads here is what I accomplished. I did this with a 43 single barb. It caught hairs better than my crown needles, and I could not get the right angles with my fork needed. I am wondering if anyone has tried the compact crowns for rooting lashes? It does not seem that BB sells them. I thought I had some ordered long ago from someone in the UK, but they must be with those three pairs of glass eyes that I cannot find. As embarrassing as it is here is my accomplishment (I had to stop because the ridge was starting to look damaged from putting hair in and pulling it out so many times). It appears that I have forgot how to root open eyes :tired_face:


If the eyelids look damaged from so many pocking may be it better in this case to use applied eyelashes? Your baby s very cute :heart_eyes:

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This is a cute baby, but she is just a practice head, so I think I will just accept the lashes as they are. I definitely want to do better for a baby I put up for sale though. I own a few prototypes and they have applied lashes, so those can look good. I just thought I could pick up a needle and root like I used to, but it did not happen. Have you tried the compact crowns?

No, I didn’t try compact crowns and I don’t root eyelashes on my open eyes babies. I only used pink heavenly illusions needles and 42 3 barb from BB.

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Well, I went ahead and ordered the compact crowns. They have eight barbs so not good for jab rooting as you will have horrible plugs, but supposed to almost guarantee getting the hair in for mono rooting. We will see.