Anyone up for a new challenge/contest?

Not sure I am in the right section here and if this kind of thing isn’t allowed let me know but I was thinking it would be nice to start up a new challenge/contest! I’ve been in a slump and I know working towards a challenge helps me to be disciplined and get work done! If anyone already has a challenge started let me know. I couldn’t find one posted but I don’t want to take over if someone else is already holding one. I would keep this open to any kits so you don’t have to buy a new kit (or like me you can use it as an excuse to buy a new one :wink: ) I’m not great at coming up with challenge ideas but here are two I had:

Vintage Baby: Make a doll that is in a vintage style (either dressed in vintage clothing or painted like an old fashion doll) or redo a vintage doll.

Ultimate Newborn: Make your idea of the ultimate newborn! This one kind of limits what kit you use but minis and preemie kits would work as well.

These are just some random ideas I had. I would love to hear some input or other ideas y’all have. Would have to iron out the details before starting but I wanted to get the idea out there.

Edited to add Poll
If you would like to participate, which would you prefer?

Theme for challenge
  • Ultimate Newborn
  • Vintage Baby
  • Other (please comment below)

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I love both of these ideas! I’d be in.


I’m leaning more towards the idea of vintage!

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I would be up for a challenge! I’ve been trying to think of some interesting ideas to liven up my portfolio!

Thank you @oliviamarie and @Boymom3 for your input!
@Boymom3 I’m thinking vintage too but I’m very indecisive lol. Maybe I’ll add a poll for people to vote


Oh I love this idea! Vintage sounds like so much fun

I like the vintage baby idea as well!

A new challenge would be fun!! I wanna do it!!

I’ve been looking through my kits trying to find one suitable for each.

Anyone have any inspiration photos of vintage babies? Even though I’m excited about the idea I’m not really sure what “vintage baby means” lol


Its really open to your interpretation!! I was thinking either a baby dressed in vintage clothing like this:

(Photo credit to LaDonna Briggs, this doll is not my work)

Or paint a doll styled like some of the vintage dolls or baby artwork you can find like this:


Or reborn a vintage doll you find! Check out ebay or local shops!

Of course if you have another idea for Vintage Baby, go for it!! I’m going to leave the poll open until Friday before posting further rules :slight_smile: I look forward to seeing the babe you create!


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I’m in! I voted vintage but you can always do both with everyone getting a choice of which one they would prefer to do. Some will choose to do both.


That’s kinda what I was thinking! The real vintage doll is kinda scary though lol

@allhisgrace was inspired by vintage dolls. I love her style though it is not for everyone.

This sounds fun, I like the sound of the vintage baby one!

I like both newborn or vintage. I think ultimate newborn could be more difficult.

That sounds like fun.

Bumping this to get any final votes before tomorrow! I’ll close the poll and post the rules tomorrow night or Saturday. Thank you all for your input

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I thought I’d voted, but I guess not. I like the vintage baby idea.

It shows a vote from you for vintage baby :slight_smile:

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