Anyone that prays

I have gotten several pieces of news lately that have made my heart ache so hard.been really sad. and I keep having a racing heart beat and shaky hands, and stomach ache. I have tons of coping skills but none of them have been working.
Can you please pray that my therapist can make time for me to come see her somehow this week? We talked briefly on the phone last week but it didnt go well and we had a disagreement. Can you please pray that 1) she isnt going to dump me and 2) that she can make time for me to come see her this week.
And also, that God will calm down my anxious spirit and extreme loneliness?
I have no one around to talk to.


I’m praying to our Heavenly Father for peace and comfort that only He can bring us. :heart::rose:


Praying for serenity for you. Try some meditation to calm yourself. You’re stronger than you think.

I feel for you. Anxiety sucks. I am dealing with overwhelming anxiety as well these days. Look up tapping. It is something my therpist has had me doing lately and it helps some :purple_heart:

Praying that God works out all these situations in your life to your good outcome. I pray that you have peace and deliverance from this anxiety and the oppression you feel. I pray that God shows you the steps you need to take to help yourself as well to come to a better state of being. I pray the joy of the Lord be your strength. In Jesus’ name, amen.




Tapping is beneficial for a lot of things.

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Sending many prayers :pray:

Praying now the you will feel Gods presence in a mighty way…let His peace enfold and comfort you.

1Timothy 1:7

For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

Trust Him…he can bring you THROUGH!!!


I’m sending prayers for you. :pray:

Give it to Jesus and He will handle it for you.
Ask Him to help & heal you, and trust that He will.


Yah, my anxiety has been off the charts lately for several reasons. It started with another sudden death in the family. Then other things, and more bad news this past weekend, also having a big conflict with a good friend that is worrying me. i am praying she will calm down quickly. :confused:

Adding my prayers to everyone else’s’ that you will feel the presence of the Lord now and forever…


adding my prayers and pray you get better we have a good good father in heaven that answers prays :pray: :pray:

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Praying in agreement with Cherielynn09.

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Just trust that if she can’t fit you in or if she does dump you, God knows what he’s doing. Someone else recommended meditation and I agree. Close your eyes and tell God everything you are thankful for and the things in this world that give you happiness and peace. Remove everything from your mind except Him and his wonders. And sit with it as long as you can. And go for brisk walks. :heart:

I appreciate everyones prayers so much.
I got a couple angry emails from my friend this morning,so I am a bit upset about it. She always comes around. We both have strong personalities and this happens about once a year, so I guess we were due. I just always worry she wont want to be friends anymore.

i also am dealing with a recurrence of my anorexia, so thats not helping me any. I have lost a lot of weight and I am once again dealing with my anorexic thoughts even though i know how dumb they are, so i keep asking the Lord to help me get them out of my brain. I also have DID (multiple personalities) and that can be a pain at times.

I started doing yoga and meditation again yesterday. Its been several years since i did yoga, so I need to get back to doing it faithfully.

I texted my therapist and hopefully she can get me in soon… she is aware i need to talk. She is moving into a new house and her mother died.

I so would appreciate prayers to help me wait patiently until she has time for me, and to deal with the loneliness I am going through. Summer vacation started last week, and all my friends i am used to seeing every day have taken off for vacations, so thats another thing Im currently deal with.

Thank you everyone, so much. :heart:

Yes, you will be prayed for to receive what you need. Remember prayer is not a formal exercise, but talking one to One to Him who made you, who knew you before you were formed. You are God’s most beloved and favorite child, and because God IS God, we all are His special one. Talk to God like you are truly talking to a friend, someOne Who knows you, who gets you, Who knows what and where and how you need, and when. Then release it all to God in full faith and trust. Not hope, hope is a wish. Faith is real and tangible and sustains one like God promises. PROMISES! Not a “meh” from God, but “I have you, Michelle. Love, God”


I personally know how hard that can be. But what I suggest is taking it to prayer. Ask the Lord to hold you up in this difficulty, show you things you need to understand about the situation, pray for her, ask for wisdom for it all, and then let Him work on it. Ask Him to help you feel calm as He does the working. I’m one that I worry about things I can’t fix or change, and want things better, and I have to remind myself that only He can fix it and make it how it should be, and in the process He is teaching me how to rely on Him even more and learn to relax knowing He can do what I cannot do about it and He is helping me worry less, because He really does have it under control – even when we sometimes don’t see that He does. He works in ways we cannot always see. He asks us for our faith and trust that He is going to do what is best in every situation. It may take a while, so we need to trust He will work it out in the right time. :mending_heart:

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Praying for you. :pray:t2::pray:t2: